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Before Amen: The Power of a Simple Prayer

we all pray . . . some. We pray to remain sober, based, or solvent. When the lump is deemed malignant. When the money runs out ahead of the month does. When the marriage is falling apart. We pray. however wouldn’t we like to pray extra? better? better? With

The Way of Serenity: Finding Peace and Happiness in the Serenity Prayer

FOX news faith analyst, application director of the Catholic Channel on SiriusXM radio, and bestselling creator Father Jonathan Morris reveals how the Serenity Prayer deals a sure direction to peace and success for everyone, no longer just these in recovery applications. The Serenity Prayer states: Lord, furnish me the

Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence Sarah Young

Uniquely inspired treasures from heaven for every day of the year by missionary Sarah Young. Jesus Calling is a devotional filled with uniquely inspired treasures from heaven for every day of the year.  After many years of writing in her prayer journal, missionary Sarah Young decided to listen to

Emotions: Confront the Lies. Conquer with Truth

i have bought to get off this aircraft—right now! That, in fact, was once unattainable. The pilot had introduced we had been cruising at an altitude of greater than 35,000 toes. There was no getting off—as a minimum, no longer for some time. nevertheless it didn’t topic. My physique

Love Does: Discover a Secretly Incredible Life in an Ordinary World

Now a New York Times Bestseller! As a school student he spent 16 days in the Pacific Ocean with 5 guys and a crate of canned meat. As a father he took his youngsters on a global tour to consume ice cream with heads of state. He made friends in Uganda,

One Way Love: Inexhaustible Grace for an Exhausted World

actual existence is lengthy on legislation and brief on grace—the calls for by no means stop, the disasters pile up, and fear units in. existence requires many issues from us—a steady marriage, successful youngsters, a definite quality of lifestyles. anyone residing within the guilt, anxiousness, and uncertainty of daily life knows

Four Blood Moons: Something Is About to Change

“…There can be signs in the sun, within the moon, and in the stars…Now when these things start to happen, lookup and carry up your heads, because your redemption attracts close to.” Luke 21:25a, 28 it is uncommon that Scripture, science, and historical past align with each other, yet

Break Out!: 5 Keys to Go Beyond Your Barriers and Live an Extraordinary Life

We weren’t created to only get by way of with reasonable, unrewarding or unfulfilling lives. God created us to go away our marks on our generations. each individual has seeds of greatness planted within by means of the Creator. When existence weighs upon us, pushing us down, limiting our

Jesus > Religion: Why He Is So Much Better Than Trying Harder, Doing More, and Being Good Enough

Abandon lifeless, dry, rule-preserving and embrace the promise of being actually known and deeply cherished.  Jefferson Bethke burst into the cultural dialog in 2012 with a passionate, provocative poem titled “Why I Hate religion, however Love Jesus.” The four-minute video actually become an in a single day sensation, with

You'll Get Through This: Hope and Help for Your Turbulent Times

Joseph’s pit got here within the form of a cistern. Yours got here within the form of a prognosis, a foster residence, or a traumatic harm. Joseph used to be thrown right into a hole and despised. and also you? Thrown into an unemployment line and forgotten, into a

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